Accommodation and food service see July turnover soar in Greece

Foodservice and accommodation in July saw turnover beat the record from three years earlier, thanks to the explosive growth of tourism, but also partly to the increase in price charges in both sectors, reports.
According to data, the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) released on Tuesday, the turnover of companies in the accommodation sector in July 2022 came to 1.515 billion euros, an increase of 59.7% compared to July 2021, when it was €949.37 million.
Businesses in the catering sector with double-entry bookkeeping, for which data are available on a monthly basis, saw a turnover of €266.39 million in July 2022, up 33.4% compared to July 2021, when their turnover was €199.75 million.
The turnover of businesses in the accommodation sector in July 2019 was €1.215 billion, roughly €300 million or 20% lower than July 2022.
Turnover in the food service industry was higher in July this year compared to July 2019 as well. In particular, in July 2019 the catering sector’s turnover reached €228.77 million, i.e. €40 million short of this year’s. 
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Original article: Accommodation and food service see July turnover soar in Greece.

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