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Greece extends teleworking measures against the pandemic until May 31

In a joint ministerial decision (JMD), the finance, labour, development and health ministries have extended the emergency temporary measures for mandatory teleworking quotas and staggered arrival to work, designed to protect public health and limit the spread of Covid-19 in Greece until May 31, ANA reports.The rules require that all companies use teleworking for at least 50 pct of their employees, wherever it is possible for their work to be done remotely. They are also required to stagger the arrival and departure of their staff over a two-hour window at the start and end of shifts.For the period in question, there is a suspension of the employer’s obligation to report changes or modifications to the working hours to the Ergani system for this staggered arrival and departure, though other requirements (overtime, changes in shifts) still apply.
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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Tejasprasad72
Source: tornosnews.gr/en/

Original article: Greece extends teleworking measures against the pandemic until May 31.

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