Outgoing British Premier Boris Johnson continues Greek holidays (video)

Looking like he didn’t have a care in the world, outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was spotted in Greece doing some casual shopping and heading to visit his father at a residence, while the British were suffering big costs of living.
Johnson, who resigned his post in July after a series of scandals but is staying on to run a so-called “Zombie Government” until a new Premier is chosen, walked through a supermarket with his wife Carrie in Nea Makri, northeast of Athens.
A video showing them was mocked and parodied in the United Kingdom where he has become a fallen figure akin to one of the Three Stooges for his missteps and refusal to acknowledge any failures.
In the clip, the pair could be seen in a supermarket placing food into two baskets on the floor. The couple both then appeared to walk away from the baskets leaving them on the ground, said the site Indy100 and other media.
It was posted on a Johnson parody Twitter account, along with the caption: “Here I am in Greece, trying to solve the cost of living crisis.”
One person wrote: “The way they fill the baskets then walks off, is some minion going to carry them?”
Johnson isn’t in particular favor in Greece either as before he became Prime Minister he backed the return of the stolen Parthenon Marbles housed in the British Museum but then backed away from that too.
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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Boris Johnson
Source: tornosnews.gr/en/

Original article: Outgoing British Premier Boris Johnson continues Greek holidays (video).

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